Best Outdoor Blanket for Cold Weather on Your Patio

Young couple outside bundled up in warm clothing and heavy blanket with cups of hot drinks

Patios can offer space and fresh air. A warm outdoor blanket for cold weather will make your time outside more comfortable and enjoyable.

With all that has been going on the past two years, people are spending more time at home and are now making more use of their patios, some investing in popular outdoor patio heaters and warm blankets to break the monotony of staying inside night and day.

Take a glance at some of the best outdoor blankets for cold weather. 


Young-family-firepit-w-with blanket

Different outdoor blankets contain various fabrics. It is vital to consider each material before making your choice. 

CottonFolded Cotton blue and grey BlanketsOutdoor blankets made of cotton are soft. It is the right material for you if you are allergic. The cotton fabric also regulates the temperature. 




Wool Blankets outside sitting on grass.


Wool outdoor blankets provide warmth and comfort. It is also breathable and fire-resistant; stays warm, even when wet. 






FleeceNapping Cat with Fleece blanket

Fleece outdoor blankets are also popular. This material is synthetic, soft, and warm. It is also a popular option since it is easy to clean. 



This fabric is warm, moth resistant, and easy to wash. Acrylic fabric is also hypoallergenic, offering protection from allergies. Besides, acrylic is also long-lasting since it does not fade even after multiple washing. 

Electric Blanket

An electric blanket contains synthetic fiber and adjustable thermostats with an element to heat them. You can adjust the temperature according to your needs. Electric blankets can either be a battery-pack or plugged into the wall variety.



Throw blankets for outdoor use made of polyester material are long-lasting. These blankets will retain their shape and color even after several years of heavy washing. 


Cashmere goats provide cashmere fabric, which is fine, light, luxurious, and strong. These blankets are therefore extremely soft, warm, and comfortable.

Down Blanket/Comforter

Rolled up white Down Comforter

Down blankets are typically filled with Goose or Duck Down and feathers. These blankets are insulating and breathable. Perfect for the winter patio.



Down Alternative

These are the right blankets for you if you are looking for an outdoor blanket made of synthetic fibers. Down alternative blankets are also hypoallergenic. Down alternative outdoor blankets are a popular option because of how affordable they are. 




Outdoor Heated Blanket 

You can now stay warm on your patio when you wrap yourself in an outdoor blanket. Outdoor heated blankets are similar to indoor electric blankets, the difference being powered by a rechargeable battery they are portable. 








Blanket Sizes

In the U.S., the “standard” sizes for blankets are as follows:  Twin: 66 by 90 inches. Double: 80 by 90 inches.

The typical throw blankets are about 50 inches wide by 60 inches long. 


Make the most of all that your home has to offer at all times of the year; grab a warm blanket, a hot beverage, and enjoy the winter’s crisp air while bundled up snug and warm on your patio.



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